13 December, 2009

Space saving Aquarium Ideas, the Triangular Aquarium,

Irregular shaped Aquarium:
Do you want to have an aquarium, but have no space in room. Well, you can go for a unique triangular shaped aquarium in the corner of the room, even it can be placed at the corner of the steps.

The triangular aquariums in my home

In today's small 2rooms flat life it is very difficult to house a 2-3' space for aquarium. Atleast here in Kolkata,India we do not have big rooms to keep an aquarium in the middle of the room. So go with this irregular shaped aquariums and start your hobby. The visitors to your home will be amazed by the idea, for sure.

With 2' as the perpendicular sides, it will be a alternate to a rectangular tank with 2*1 sq feet as base. I suppose height is not a space factor for one. So height you can choose according to your need, or to say properly according to your tank inhabitant's need. I just want to add that anything more than 2' is bad if you do not forget about the regular maintenance of the tank. If you are going for planted tank the height should be lesser, 15" is an ideal, or go for 18" for lowlight plants. Lights have to penetrate the water column, so increase the height you have to arrange more wattage of lights(as the water volume will increase along the increase of height of the tank), and lights with more penetrating powers will be needed. Now the penetrating power of light in the aquarium depends on various parameters, like lumen, lux etc. So if you do not want to create confusion about light, stay at 15-18" height.

If you want you can make a iron or wood stand with 2 racks and go for 2 aquariums in those 2 racks. Keep in mind you have to do maintenances regularly. So keep at least 7-8" space over each of the tanks.

Okay, much talks on height, now think what advantages you are obtaining from the cornet tank.

1. the viewing side, the hypotenious will be much larger, for 2' on the perpendicular sides, the viewing glass will be approximately 29". It seems the tank is bigger, and you will get more options in aquascaping your waterworld.

2. As the room corners are not so useful, and occassionally used for decoration with plants or beautiful pots, a living decoration will not irritate your home department, I mean your wife/mother.

3. The reflection will be zero from the backside glass relative to the rectangular tanks.

4. As you get one corner in the center of the tank, you can create a big cave structure there for cichlids, and on both sides create small caves.

5. For planted tanks you can create a aquascaping with some long driftwoods. Here in Kolkata, we particularly love the planted tanks.

Disadvantages, yes, it has a few.

1. First and most important is that your Local fish Shop(LFS) may not agree to make one for you, as these shaped tanks are not very common, and most probably they never made one.

2. If someone agree, then also tell him to polish the edges of the glasses so that the edges match.

3. You have to Use long tweezer to plant small plants in the corners of the planted triangular aquarium.

4. If you are going for internal power filters two filters will be better for proper circulation. If you are going to use external filters, then also a Internal Power Filter should be used in the side corner for circulation purpose.

Current condition of my triangular tank

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  1. I also like to make a triangular tank with two sides of 3' and the front side more than 4' and height will be 18". I am staying at South Kolkata . Can you suggest any shop which will help me to make the same.




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