20 December, 2009

CO2 for Planted Tank

CO2(Carbon Di Oxide)
As all of you know during photosynthesis plants use CO2, and with help of light and some macro/micro elements make food. So CO2 is in the primary importance for plants. You can use DIY Yeast+Sugar method to produce CO2. Alternately, you can spend some money and buy a pressurized CO2 kit.

From my personal experience I have learned that pressurized CO2 kit is a must have for any planted tank to maintain stable rate of CO2 in the tank.
For a pressurised CO2 system for your planted aquarium you have to buy first a CO2 cylinder, preferably 2kg. You can also go for a 5kg cylinder, it will last longer, but it will be heavier and will be a problem when you carry it to a CO2 refilling Centre to refill the empty cylinder after few months. Also you have to keep in mind that for a large tank, you have to efill a 2kg cylinder frequently. So chose according to the tank size and choice of plants. Secondly you have to buy a CO2 regulator, to decrease the cylinder pressure according to your need. A dual gauge regulator will be better, one gauge will read the pressure in the cylinder and the other one will read the pressure in the outside nozzle. Then come the needle valve for fine tuning the CO2 emission rate. After that you need a CO2 diffuser or CO2 reactor to diffuse the co2 in the tank water. You probably thinking what is the solenoid part doing in the picture. Actually solenoid is needed to switch on/off the CO2 system electrically. This part is not at all necessary if you want to source CO2 in the tank 24hours.


  1. hi avik,
    i have a fish only tank at home and planning to set up another one,but this time its going to be a planted one. i was googling for all necessary info and came across your blog. i found it to be very informative in a very lucid way.thanx for such a good job. i stay at beleghata and can manage substrate, tank, plants etc from either gallif street or sealdah but can you provide me some info on how to get the co2 equipments.looking forwards to your reply. thank you

    debjit sarkar


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